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BIC Stainless steel screws (sold per unit)

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Solarez Wakeboard / Surf Repair Kit

An essential tool for wakeboarders and surfers!


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Polyester and epoxy repair kit

Polyester and epoxy repair kits to repair either your surfboard or your SUP Board. Available in 3 formats

Starting at: £11.90

Solarez Ding Repair Polyester resin tube

New microfiber formula


Solarez All Purpose Repair

Transparent glue to repair your epoxy and polyester board


Madness Unfinished Straight Leash 7.0

Polyurethane cable • 7 mm diameter • available in 3 colours

Starting at: £21.00

Solarez Microlite Epoxy resin tube

White mastic based on high-strength UV-Cure resin


Solarez Microlite Filler Polyester resin tube

Specially formulated for the repair of surf foam (urethane). For deep shots. Lightweight and easy to sand. Cures with UV rays in about 3 minutes or MEKP catalyst in 30 minutes.


Solarez Ding Repair Epoxy Repair Kit

Epoxy resin, blue, 56 ml tube, with UV catalyst.


Madness Epoxy Repair Kit

Transparent fusion epoxy glue • Bi-component in syringe • Perfect for all EPS base panels • 24 ml


Madness long Straight Leash 9.0

Polyurethane cable • 7 mm diameter • available in 3 colours

Starting at: £28.90

Madness Bag for Longboard

Silver • Shoulder strap • PVC • external Zip

Starting at: £59.90

Kanulock Safety Lock

Transport straps with an anti-theft system. Convenient for leaving equipment on your car roof

Starting at: £74.00

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