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ZRay Snapper Pro 11.0 Inflatable SUP Board | 2019

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Inflatable SUP Board • Length 11.0 (335 cm) • Width 34 (86 cm) • Thickness 15 cm • Volume: 289 L • Weight 14.1 kg • Max payload 157 kg

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The Snapper is a river paddle board with an amazing price / performance / durability ratio.
If you like being challenged, the Snapper is what you're looking for. A responsive board, the Zray Snapper 11.0 can handle any situation thanks to its great stability.

Zray inflatable SUP boards are designed for all kinds of paddlers: children and adults, beginners and more experienced riders… Everybody can find a Zray SUP that will meet their needs. Made using simple layer drop stitch with stringer or double layer drop stitch, the whole Zray range features a double PVC layer on the rail for increased durability. Besides, Zray manufactures boards with 15 cm thickness for maximum stiffness.

double chambre technology

DRHD Technology: Premium Construction

Lightweight, flexible and manoeuvrable

1. Waterproof high pressure valve.
2. Anti-slip Footpad in EVA foam is soft and offers superior comfort.
3. Internal rail.
4. External rail joins all layers together for added stiffness.
5. Drop-stitch provides increased resistance to traction.
6. Composite DRHD coating with reinforced PVC
7. High-viscosity adhesive

DRHD technology (Duplex Rigid Heavy Duty) is Zray's Premium construction for high performance paddle boards. DRHD SUPs offer an amazing price / performance / durability ratio and great stiffness.

Features of the Zray Snapper 11.0

- Extra comfy EVA footpad
- Comfy carry handle
- Built-in deck net
- D-rings to attach a kayak seat
- High-end dropstitch for increased durability
- Five fins for unrivalled responsiveness
- Max pressure 15 psi


What's included in the box

- Convenient backpack for more comfort
- 3-piece paddle of your choosing
- Zray's high pressure hand pump with pressure gauge
- Coiled leash of your choosing
- Fins

What you have to keep in mind

The length of a SUP board has an impact on its gliding/speed performance and on the turns. The longer the board, the faster it goes but the more difficult it is to turn. A wide board will be more stable but a bit slower and more difficult to turn. With 36" in width, the Snapper 11.0 is very responsive and manoeuvrable.


To sum up

• River paddle board
• Extremely durable, stable and manoeuvrable
• Excellent level of performance in white waters


Length : 335 cm / 11'0"
Width : 86 cm / 34"
Thickness : 15 cm / 6"
Volume : 289 L
14.1 kg
Max payload : <157 kg / 346 lbs

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